Tuesday April 11. Mallorca, Spain

Our stop today is Palma De Mallorca, Spain.  It is a perfectly lovely day weatherwise with clear blue sky, no wind and spring flowers and trees are blooming.  Mallorca is an island, seemingly totally devoted to tourism.  There are hundreds of sailboats and motorboats in the harbor and today two cruise ships in addition to ours.   It is Holy Week so many, many people around but our guide said that is normal in the summer anyway.   Mykonos was white, Malta was sand colored and Mallorca is all colors and there are tall buildings which we haven’t seen in awhile.  Our tour took us to a small mountain village of Valldemossa.  In the early 1300s there was a “palace” there for the royal family but in 1399 it became a monastery.  Later on it was a private residence but now is a museum dedicated to monastery history.  Frederic Chopin spent nearly a year here and we heard a short concert of some of his work, played on a grand piano in a small hall in the building.  Hadn’t expected that so it was a special bonus for the morning.  The town itself is quite lovely with narrow winding streets made of weathered blonde stone.  In the town of Palma there is a huge cathedral (picture) but I didn’t go in it nor did I spend any time in the town itself.


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