Thursday April 13. Barcelona, Spain

There was a walking tour today of Las Ramblas, Barcelona’s most popular boulevard and tourist shopping mecca  plus a walking tour of La Pedrera, another Gaudi  creation, this time a house.  I chose to do my own “thing” instead.  I rode the ship’s shuttle into town, walked a little bit and people watched a lot, took some pictures, and returned to the ship.  Had a wonderful relaxed day!  One couple left today to return home early; John was getting anxious about things back there and just didn’t care about the lost money or missed stops,  Sandy and I have played cribbage quite a bit and I will miss her.  Another of our group fell and has a sprained ankle.  Five have had to disembark due to illness or injury and two have been less severely injured.  Our leader says our 75 people have more than used up our allotment of medical difficulties and we must stop!   We have only three port stops left –Seville, Spain; Casablanca, Morocca; and Funchal,Portugal–and less than two weeks of sailing time.  Wonder how long it will take me to settle into “real life” again.  I have gotten quite used to being pampered and cared for.

Statue of Columbus in downtown Barcelona

A small sample of the huge crowds everywhere

The waiters serenade when someone has a birthday


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