Sunday April 16. Casablanca, Morocco

Attended an interdenominational church service at 6 a.m. to celebrate Easter.  A good number of people there.  Sunrise wasn’t until the time we were through so it was pretty dark.  I am glad I went and did some celebration of our special Christian holiday but it wasn’t nearly as meaningful or special as if I were with family, friends, and my dear church family. However, in this part of the world that is heavily Muslim it is truly special that Christ can be talked about and his resurrection noticed by those that care.  Of course, there was no indication downtown that this was anything other than an ordinary day; Sunday isn’t even a “day off” so I saw lots of workmen around, particularly in the harbor area.  This is a very big and busy commercial harbor as you can tell by the picture I am sending.  I chose not to go on the group tour today.  I have just seen enough mosques and royal palaces and heard enough history to last me a long time!  Can you tell I am ready to get back home?  I did take the shuttle into town, walked around a bit and came back to the ship for lunch with friends who also did their own thing.  Pictures of the square area I was in but pics taken because of the people—all kinds of dress and ages.  I heard there was a native suq marketplace nearby but I was afraid to wander too far from shuttle bus stand and I remember going to one when Walt and I were here a long time  ago.  Besides, I don’t need to buy anything.  The entertainment last night was a comedian and he was quite good.  Here and in Turkey, he said, if you say “No, I do not want anything, go away” it translates into “I want to buy a carpet”!


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